5 best budget bikepacking tents

Best Bikepacking Tents

Looking for the best bikepacking tent doesn’t mean you have to compromise too much in quality. And a bikepacking tent is undoubtedly not a spot you want to compromise with regards to quality. When riding long days in the wilderness, you’ll want a safe haven to rest those weary legs. Purchasing a great tent will be one of your most significant decisions.

Of course, a quality bikepacking tent doesn’t have to cost a lot either. If you’re on a strict budget that doesn’t mean you should have to forfeit on quality.

We set up this list to feature some of the best bikepacking tents that are very well balanced between cost, weight, weather protection, and quality. Some of these bikepacking tents aren’t pioneers in quality, but those just starting out and budget minded will definitely value their cost savings and performance.

If you find that some of these tents are unavailable or know of some I should add to the list please let me know by clicking here and sending us an email.

budget bikepacking tent

Weight: 4.14lbs

Floor Dimensions: 9ft x 3ft 10in

Features: No-see-um mesh wall panels, internal gear storage pockets, includes footprint

The Moutainsmith Lichen is the heaviest tent on our list at 4.14 pounds but its heavy duty construction makes it a great option if you’re going to be camping in windy and or snowy conditions. Taller users will find this tent very spacious with its 9ft x 3ft floor space and 3ft height. One drawback though is that it isn’t free-standing so it wouldn’t be ideal if you’re going to find yourself camping in rather rocky conditions. 

Weight: 3.4lbs

Floor Dimensions: 7ft in x 2ft 8in

Features: Free-standing, storage pockets, gear loft

This is one our favorites of the best budget bikepacking tents, largely in part due to it’s low price tag and ample storage space. The Lynx is a free-standing tent which means you can set it up virtually anywhere giving you more freedom to roam. Be sure to pickup the footprint here to help protect the waterproof floor from punctures.

Weight: 3.5lbs

Floor Dimensions: 7ft 2in x 3ft 2in

Features: No-see-um mesh wall panels, internal gear storage pockets, gear loft

This is a perfect one person bikepacking tent. It’s easy and quick setup design will leave you with more time to relax rather than fussing with setting up a tent. It’s 360 degree no-see-um mesh offers great ventilation and the double seam tapped floor ensures you’ll stay dry. 

Weight: 2.4lbs

Floor Dimensions: 6ft 11in x 2ft 6in

Features: Single-wall construction, internal gear storage pockets, includes footprint

The Naturehike Vik is the lightest tent on our best budget bikepacking tents list. This is due to its single wall design, you won’t find much in terms of ventilation because of this. There are however two small vents at the top but I would be cautious about using it in areas where condensation could be an issue. Otherwise it’s a great option for someone looking to go lightweight without having too spend much.

Weight: 3.2lbs

Floor Dimensions: 7ft 3inx 2ft 10in

Features: No-see-um mesh wall panels, internal gear storage pockets

The North Face delivers an extensive line of high quality gear and the Stormbreak tent is no exception. Some features include a fully seam-taped canopy and floor help enhance durability and waterproofing. You’ll stay comfortable with high-low ventilation for optimal airflow while you’re relaxing and sleeping out on your adventures.  The Stormbreak does not come with a footprint so be sure to pickup one such as this one to help the longevity of your investment.