rhinowalk saddle bag review

Rhinowalk Saddle Bag

rhinowalk saddle bag review

Capacity: 5L

Weight: 0.89LBS

Rhinowalk is a new company specializing in budget bikepacking bags and the Rhinowalk Saddle Bag is one of their firsts. They currently do not have many products but you can be sure that they are working on more.

The Rhinowalk saddle bag is made from 600D polyester and is TPU coated for excellent waterproofing. Though I wouldn’t expect it to keep my stuff dry if it was submerged in a lake.

The added bungee straps on the top of the bag are great for items you want to have quick access to, like a rain jacket or some flip flops.

Just be sure to get the nylon straps over both saddle rails when mounting it to keep the dreaded saddle wag to a minimum.