best gravel bike pedals

What are the Best Gravel Bike Pedals for 2023? – Flat and Clipless Options Available.

When you buy a gravel bike, it most likely doesn’t include the pedals. Generally, the first accessory people purchase for a gravel bike is either flat or clipless pedals. Which ones are better?

When selecting bike pedals, you should decide which type of cycling you’ll be doing and if you’d prefer clip-in or flat style pedals. Don’t purchase the first pair that you find without considering this.

Additionally, do you have the right shoes? Explore this compilation of the greatest gravel bike shoes for your next expedition.

What are the top gravel bike pedals available?

Looking for the optimal gravel bike pedals? We’ve done the research and testing to provide you with the top picks in the market.

best gravel bike pedals

What factors should I consider when choosing gravel pedals?

Before we look at the best gravel bike pedals, let’s quickly go over how to select them.

If you enjoy biking on gravel paths more than busy roads with traffic, you seek out those tranquil wilderness experiences.

In search of pedals that are optimal for this form of exploration, you must look for those that work best with MTB shoes. On such off-road biking escapades, you will likely spend some time on foot. 

For this reason, you require shoes that are comfortable and functional both while riding and hiking. Thus, they prove to be the most suitable choice for hike a bike sections.

best gravel bike pedals

Gravel bikes usually have three kinds of pedals that work best: flat, clipless MTB and double sided flat/clipless. Nevertheless, the suggestion is not to opt for road clipless pedals, since they often go with road shoes that make navigating bumpy terrain awkward, does not offer enough gripping power and are not suitable for day-to-day use.

For those who use flat-pedals while gravel biking, the pins on the pedals should be large to help ensure shoes grip better and offer more efficiency when climbing steep hills, thus preventing feet from slipping.

best gravel bike pedals

When selecting a pedal, build quality is an important factor which can be difficult to assess without extensively testing its durability.

Considering the best approaches for bike pedals? Are mountain bike or bikepacking shoes necessary? No need to look further: the answer is here.

These flat and clipless pedals are perfect for your next gravel biking experience.

Here are the best clipless pedals for a gravel bike.

At a price of $99.99 on Amazon, these pedals are an excellent buy because they come with an exclusive bundle including a pair of premium cleats and shoe shields. This system shields your shoes while still allowing you to lock them securely into the pedals for maximum grip. If you’re looking for something more budget-friendly, the Eggbeater 1 is the way to go at only $39.90.

Their four-sided entry offers excellent mud shedding, and customizable float and release angles let you ride wherever and whenever you want.

Providing superior quality and durability with igus inboard bearing, Enduro outboard bearing, and a double lip seal, these ruggedly crafted cast stainless steel pedals weigh an incredibly light 280 grams per pair.

Installing Crankbrothers pedals is an easy task. Their SPD system is superb and offers a seamless engagement and release.

Here are the top flat pedals for gravel bikes.

If you are planning a bike tour, as well as exploring gravel and tackling off-road challenges, these bigger and heavier pedals can provide the versatility you’re looking for. They are a great option for all types of riding.

These wide, comfortable shoes provide great grip anytime, due to their SCM 435 chromoly steel spindle, F6061-T6 aluminum/composite body, Igus LL-Glide inner bearing, and Enduro Cartridge outer bearing. They never let you down.

The 10 adjustable pins on each side of the pedals provide a secure grip for challenging gravel patches. Suitable for sizes 10-15 (US)//43-49 (EU), these larger pedals offer a 102 mm x 96mm platform and have a weight of 480 grams per pair, with a 5 year warranty.

If you have wide feet or not, these pedals deliver a remarkable experience with their extra space. Your feet will remain securely in place due to their well-constructed nature. They are also thin compared to the average pedal but are solid, robust and slick as well. You can obtain them from Amazon for $117.00 here.

Customers report long-lasting performance with these pedals — the pins offer maximal grip and the bearing/bushings are reliable, easy to service and suitable for big feet. Some have even said they’ve used them for four years without any issues.

For $93.00, you can get a wide platform with gripping feet and more features through Amazon. Read more about them here.

  • This platform is 12mm thin and offers a lot of features.
  • 420g per pair, including all pins.
  • Pedal Body made from Cold Forging Alloy.
  • Axle made of hollow tapered, scandium-enriched steel.
  • Chamfered Edges Improve Clearance and Reduce Impact Forces
  • Chamfering the side edges provides better cornering space.
  • A full ball bearing ideal for heavy industrial uses that is larger than standard sizes and hermetically sealed.
  • Sealed Outboard IGUS Bushing
  • Every pedal contains 20 adjustable pins.
  • Hex head pins of full size enhance durability and maintenance.
  • The Internal Friction Seal keeps dirt and debris away and reduces unintended pedal movement.

These pedals are distinctly shaped with a curved platform to promote control and effectiveness. They provide an extra-wide, low profile design, ideal for distinctive styles of biking. Furthermore, they feature three separate pin heights that can be adjusted to fit the rider’s preference. What’s more, the pins are replaceable and secured from the rear for user convenience when it comes to upkeep.

Despite being heavy at 533 grams, these pedals offer great quality for the price of $74.99. The grip on them is excellent, and it’s easy to move off them quickly when needed.

With heavier pedals bringing greater strength, you can rest assured that your purchase here will be less likely to fail. If you’re interested, come shop!

Funn is an excellent brand for cycling excursions. I was recently delighted to obtain their G-Wide handlebars, thrilled with the standard and design of the item. Their Python flat pedals are ideal for gravel paths. Manufactured from a CNC’d 6061 aerospace grade alloy, they offer 12 robust pins on either side – ensuring your feet stay in place on the pedal.

The Python pedals have an ultra-thin and wide platform, measuring W101mm x L101mm x H11mm and only weighing 375 grams. Intended to be durable, parts can be replaced if they become worn out. It is possible to acquire a Python repair kit off of Amazon and replaceable pins are available too.

Python pedals are the perfect choice for extreme, adventurous cyclists looking for an unclipped ride. They’re super thin, lightweight and ideal for even the toughest downhill races.

Despite their thinness, these bike tires look great, provide impressive amounts of grip, and are well worth the cost. Perfect for gravel riding.

These items come in 6 colors and are priced starting at $94.67 on Amazon.

Pedaling Innovations Catalyst Pedals

best gravel bike pedals

Pedaling innovations offer free shipping and a 30 day money-back guarantee on their pedals, which they promise will give you an instant boost in power, stability and comfort. If you don’t like them, simply return them!

The enormity of these pedals, measuring at 128mmx95mmx16mm, is the unique factor to note. Although standard in width with other flat pedals, the huge length proves beneficial; the 505g weight then becomes less important when factoring in its potential to boost force and provide extra comfort. In comparison to a smaller pedal, there remains an advantage in this choice due to its greater capability even if it means a sacrifice in weight.

With the Catalyst massive platform, rather than putting the pedal on the ball of your foot, you can rest your foot in a mid-foot position. This builds more strength as you push down compared to a conventional flat pedal.