bicycle alarms

5 Great Bicycle Alarms | Do you need one?

Protecting your bike from would-be robbers is a legitimate concern for many cyclists and this short list of bicycle alarms will give you a few options. Its never a bad thing to have a bit of concern about the secrity of your bike, especially if your bike is custom or on the higher end price-wise. 

I’ve heard stories of bicyclists locking up their bikes for a few seconds to run to the restroom only to come out and find their bikes missing; I even had a friend whose bike got stolen while locked up outside a bike shop. 

bicycle alarms

Luckily for us, the options range from something pretty basic to high-tech anti-theft systems designed specifically for bicycles.

Choosing the best bicycle alarm will depend on your needs and priorities. Some alarms can be a little on the heavy side, so if weight is a consideration, this may be an area to look at when choosing something.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something that’s easy to use and
install, your focus should go in that direction. The price range for a bicycle alarm is as diverse as the options, so there’s likely something within your budget.

Yoidesu Wireless Anti-Theft Bike Alarm with Remote Control - 110dB.

This alarm system is made of high quality materials designed to resist erosion and wear. This alarm works by using a vibration sensor resulting in a loud sound to deter anyone from messing with your bike. The loud alarm will sound off at 110dB for about 20 seconds. The alarm uses a
9V battery that lasts about a week with normal usage. Also, this alarm can be armed and disarmed with a remote control device that’s included with this system. The alarm weighs less than 110g which is listed as the package weight.

The Oxford BOSS Alarm Disc lock has a universal fit that can work with motorcycles too. This is your basic key lock that comes with a 100dB alarm that sounds off if someone tries to mess with your bike. This one runs on 6 LR44 batteries that come with the product . The alarm weighs in at 2.45lbs and seems like a user-friendly system that’s easy to figure out and install.

If you love new technology, this alarm may be right up your alley. This innovative alarm locks up on your disc brakes and uses an intelligent vibration monitoring system to activate the 110dB alarm. Also, this alarm lock is used in conjunction with your smartphone to operate and disarm. This small but effective bike alarm weighs around 22oz and uses a USB cable for charging.

This easy to use bike lock-alarm combo is operated by a 4 digit keypad lock and a remote control device. This alarm is triggered by a vibration monitoring system that bleats out 110dBs of sound when someone tries to mess with your bike or inputs an incorrect code. The lock is attached to a 49 inch waterproof cable that is used to secure your bike.

This small little bike alarm has a lot of innovative features. The motion triggered alarm blasts out 110db of sound which can be adjusted using 3 levels. The alarm uses a USB charger cable and can last up to 3 months before it needs to be recharged. This alarm is operated using a small remote control device but also doubles as “find your bike” tool for those times you’re having trouble finding where exactly you left your bicycle. This alarm system is waterproof and
weighs around 5.6 oz.

With so many options out there to choose from, it would make sense to focus on what your priorities are as far as having a bicycle alarm goes. For some, it may be the ease of use or functionality that’s important, or maybe a high-tech Smart App system is more your speed—for many others, the weight is the selling point. 

There’s nothing wrong with being “too secure” when it comes to keeping your bike safe from theft and vandalism, so adding an alarm system makes sense. From basic 4 digit combination alarms to technology that can track and find your bike there’s no lack of choices to suit your needs. Stay safe out there!