salsa beargrease carbon slx fat-tire bike review

Salsa Beargrease Carbon SLX Fat-Tire Bike Review

Are you looking for a high-performance, fat-tire bike that can take you anywhere? Look no further: the Salsa Beargrease Carbon SLX Fat-Tire Bike is the perfect bike to suit your all your cycling needs.

Fat tire bikes have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their versatility and ability to handle a variety of terrain. The Beargrease Carbon SLX Bike is one of the best fat tire bikes on the market, designed by Salsa Cycles, one of the most respected brands in cycling.

salsa beargrease carbon slx fat-tire bike review

In this article we will be taking a closer look at the features and performance of the Salsa Beargrease Carbon SLX Fat-Tire Bike. We will review its components and features, as well as its capabilities on various terrain types and challenges. So, if you are looking for an extreme performance fat tire bike, then read on!

Are you in the market for a new fat tire bike? Then look no further, as the Salsa Beargrease Carbon SLX is definitely worth your consideration! The Beargrease carbon SLX is a class-leading, high performance fat tire bike that’s lightweight, responsive and extremely capable. To help you make an informed decision, here’s an in-depth review of this fantastic fat bike:

Experience the outdoors like never before on the Salso Beargrease Carbon SLX Fat-Tire Bike. This powerful fat bike is designed with a lightweight carbon fiber frame and slack headtube angle that makes it perfect for any terrain.

It’s equipped with huge 45NRTH Vanhelga 4” tires to provide plenty of traction and grip when you’re on the trail, plus provides excellent bump absorption. 

Add in a wide range 10-51T cassette to tackle steep climbs or take advantage of fast acceleration on downhills, and you’ve got an incredibly capable bikepacking companion.

Whether you’re exploring backcountry trails or taking part in rugged outdoor races, the Salsa Beargrease Carbon SLX Fat-Tire Bike will have you ready for anything.

Product Features:

– Lightweight carbon fiber frame for optimal performance

– 1×12 Shimano SLX M7100 drivetrain

– 4” wide fat tires provide superior traction

– Compatible with 170/177 Salsa Alternator rear rack

– Disc brakes provide superior stopping power

– Slack headtube angle gives extra control

– Racks compatible with all kinds of gear bags

– Compatible with many bikepacking bags for extra storage capacity

Frame and Components

The Salsa Beargrease Carbon SLX sports a full Shimano SLX components throughout. These components are known for boasting superior durability and performance to most other drivetrain options out there. 

The shifters use Shimano’s Rapid Fire trigger style that means precise shifting. 

The frame features a carbon fiber structure which is both lightweight and durable. It also includes internal cable routing to keep all the cabling out of sight – great for creating that clean look. 

Additionally, it has clearance for five inch tires front and rear – ensuring you can enjoy everything from light trails to heavy mud and snow with ease. You also get tubeless compatible rims when you buy this model – meaning you won’t need a spare inner tube.

Ride Performance

The Salsa Beargrease Carbon SLX offers an incredibly smooth ride even over rough terrain thanks to its progressive geometry and wide rims which provide plenty of stability due to their increased contact patch against the ground surface. 

On soft surfaces like snow or sand, it exhibits remarkable traction which allows riders to traverse challenging off-road sections with confidence. Furthermore, it wears modern 27.5x80mm wheels so you don’t have any worries about finding compatible pieces if something should break down during your ride either!


In conclusion, the Salsa Beargrease Carbon SLX is definitely worth considering if you’re in need of a reliable and capable fat-tire bike. 

It offers incredible value for money due to its excellent componentry which ensures effective drive train shifts day after day without fail; it also looks great with its great paint finish highlighting its curves beautifully so those paying attention will know they’re looking at one of the best models currently available on the market today!