salsa mukluk review

Salsa Mukluk Review | The Ultimate Fat Tire Bike

Are you looking for an all-around fat bike? If so, the Salsa Mukluk is worth considering. This bike comes with great features and components which give you a smooth ride on trails and roads. It has a lightweight yet durable aluminum frame and carbon fork.

For fat bike riders who want to experience thrilling rides through challenging terrains, Salsa Mukluk is an ideal pick. It offers incredible performance on any trail as it’s lightweight but built strong with many useful components such as 11-speed Shimano Deore drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes.

salsa mukluk review

This review will look at the features and design of the Salsa Mukluk in detail to help readers determine if this bike suits their lifestyle or not. So let’s get started!

The Mukluk is one of Salsa’s most popular bikes. Salsa has been known for its high-quality, affordable bikes and the Mukluk is no exception. With its low weight and great design, it has become a go-to bike for many outdoor enthusiasts. In this article, I will provide an in-depth review of the Salsa Mukluk and discuss why it’s the perfect bike for even avid riders.

Featuring a 5″ tire clearance, this rugged machine is ready for any adventure you can throw at it. The Mukluk also has the ability to support plenty of bikepacking gear, allowing you to explore further than ever before. 

Whether you’re looking for a durable commuter bike or an off-road expedition companion, the Salsa Mukluk is the perfect two-wheeled companion.

Product Features:

– 5″ tire clearance allows for extreme off-road capability

– Internal cable routing keeps cables neat and out of harm’s way

– Lightweight carbon fork

– Full aluminum frame is lightweight and robust

– Compatible with bikepacking gear so you never have to leave anything important behind

– Hydraulic disc brakes ensure great stopping power regardless of conditions

The Design of the Salsa Mukluk:

The frame of the Mukluk is made from aluminum alloy which makes it very light weight – only 33 pounds including pedals. This light weight ensures that the bike is easy to maneuver on tough terrain without feeling like you’re dragging a heavy load. 

The frame also features robust double bottle mounts so you can take plenty of water with you on your ride. Additionally, the frame follows modern geometry which gives a very comfortable ride experience with well balanced forward end dynamics to handle climbs with ease as much as descents.

Performance of the Salsa Mukluk:

The performance of the mukluks matches its design; with Shimano Deore M5100 1×11 drivetrain delivering crisp shifts and smooth gearing for increased confidence when riding challenging terrain. 

The 45NRTH Dillinger 5 tires provide an excellent grip both up and down hills – another feature making this the ideal choice for even passionate fat bike riders looking to travel rough terrain or explore trails unknown or discover new paths around town.


In conclusion, the Salsa Mukluk is certainly one of the best fat tire bikes out there currently – offering great performance in a lightweight package that is sure to appeal to all types of riders regardless if they’re beginners or experts in their field.