2023 Norco Fluid FS 4 Review

2023 Norco Fluid FS 4 Review

Do you want to experience the thrill of mountain biking without stretching your budget too far?

The Norco Fluid FS 4 is the ideal all-rounder bike for riders who know their way around tough trails and are looking for great value. The Fluid FS 4 sports a capable frame with 140mm of RockShox fork suspension, offering enhanced handling and performance.

In addition to its 140mm travel fork, the 2023 Norco Fluid FS 4 offers an array of reliable components that cater to different riding styles—giving it the ability to tackle steep descents and technical sections as easily as shorter rides on established trails. 

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what makes this mid-range mountain bike one of the market’s best values.

2023 Norco Fluid FS 4 Review

The Norco Fluid FS 4 is an all-mountain bike that can handle anything you throw at it. The fluid suspension and advanced geometry make it capable of taking on technical trails while the lightweight frame and modern components mean especially agile handling characteristics. 

This review will outline the performance of the Norco Fluid FS 4, providing some insight into why this bike has taken the all-mountain world by storm.

Design & Components

The Norco Fluid FS 4 makes use of a hydroformed aluminum frame that’s designed to increase stiffness and improve tracking over rough terrain. 

It features a low bottom bracket (BB) height which helps to keep your center of gravity low, improving stability during hard cornering and aggressive riding. 

Topped off with 29” wheels, this mountain bike provides a great combination of light weight for efficient climbing and agility when descending.

The components on this machine are top notch as well, starting with Tektro 4 piston hydraulic brakes with 180mm rotors in the front and rear for superb stopping power whenever you need it most. 

Up front is a RockShox Recon Silver suspension fork with 140mm travel to help cushion when hitting bumps or drops while out on the trail, supplemented with an X Fusion O2 Pro rear shock that lets you dial in your perfect spring rate depending on what type of terrain you’re riding on.


In terms of its performance out on the trails, the Norco Fluid FS 4 certainly does not disappoint. 

Its streamlined design allows it to zip up climbs easily as well as down them due to its great handling traits when airborne or cornering hard at speed – thanks in no small part to its improved geometry compared to previous models from Norco – meaning riders don’t have to worry about overshooting corners or finding themselves running wide lines if they’re not careful! 

The overall balance between comfort and capabilities should suit intermediate riders looking for great all-rounders for their local trails, meaning there’s probably something here for everyone who needs an all-rounder from beginner through to expert levels of skill or experience!