Trek Checkpoint SLR 9 AXS Review

Trek Checkpoint SLR 9 AXS Review

Are you in the market for a new gravel bike that can handle any adventure?

Look no further than the Trek Checkpoint SLR 9 AXS.

With its impressive features and top-of-the-line components, this bike is sure to exceed your expectations.

Trek Checkpoint SLR 9 AXS Review

When it comes to gravel bikes, there are countless options to choose from.

However, not all bikes are created equal.

The Trek Checkpoint SLR 9 AXS stands out from the competition with its innovative design and cutting-edge technology.

In this review, we will take an in-depth look at the Trek Checkpoint SLR 9 AXS and discuss its key features, performance, and overall value.

Whether you’re a seasoned gravel rider or just getting started, this bike has something to offer for everyone.

So, let’s dive in and see if the Trek Checkpoint SLR 9 AXS is the right gravel bike for you.


– Lightweight and durable 700 Series OCLV Carbon frame for optimal performance and agility.

– SRAM RED eTap AXS electronic shifting system for smooth and precise gear changes.

– Wide range of gears from the 1×12 10-44t cassette for tackling any terrain, from steep climbs to fast descents.

– SRAM Red eTap AXS hydraulic disc brakes for reliable stopping power in all weather conditions.

– Tubeless-ready Bontrager Aeolus RSL 37V wheels for improved traction and reduced risk of flats.

– Adjustable IsoSpeed decoupler technology for a smooth and comfortable ride.

– Gravel-specific geometry for stability and control on rough surfaces.

– Integrated storage solutions for carrying essential gear and accessories.

– Versatile tire clearance for customization and adaptation to different terrains.

– Compatible with bikepacking accessories for long-distance adventures.


One of the standout features of the Checkpoint SLR 9 AXS is its lightweight 700 Series OCLV Carbon frame.

This not only makes the bike incredibly agile and responsive but also ensures a comfortable ride, even on long-distance adventures.

The frame is also equipped with IsoSpeed technology, which helps to absorb vibrations and bumps, providing a smooth and stable ride on any surface.


The Checkpoint SLR 9 AXS comes with a SRAM RED eTap AXS drivetrain, which offers precise and reliable shifting.

With a wide range of gears from the 1×12 drivetrain, you can easily tackle steep climbs and power through flat sections with ease.

The electronic shifting system adds a touch of luxury to your riding experience, allowing for effortless gear changes at the push of a button.


When it comes to stopping power, the Checkpoint SLR 9 AXS is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes.

These brakes provide consistent and reliable braking performance in all weather conditions, giving you the confidence to ride with control and precision.

Wheels and Tires

The bike comes with Bontrager Aeolus RSL 37V carbon wheels, which are not only lightweight but also offer excellent aerodynamic properties.

These wheels provide a smooth and efficient ride, allowing you to maintain speed and momentum on any surface.

Paired with wide 700x40c Bontrager GR1 Team Issue tires, you’ll have plenty of traction and stability, even on loose or gravelly terrain.


Another notable feature of the Checkpoint SLR 9 AXS is its versatility.

It comes with hidden fender mounts and multiple bottle cage mounts, allowing you to customize the bike to suit your needs.

Whether you’re commuting to work, embarking on a bikepacking adventure, or participating in a gravel race, this bike can handle it all.


In terms of comfort, the Checkpoint SLR 9 AXS features a Bontrager Pro IsoCore carbon handlebar.

This handlebar helps to absorb road vibrations, reducing fatigue and discomfort on long rides.

The bike also has a stable and balanced geometry, providing a comfortable riding position that allows for efficient pedaling and handling.


Overall, the Trek Checkpoint SLR 9 AXS is a high-performance gravel bike that offers exceptional versatility and comfort.

Whether you’re a seasoned gravel rider or a beginner looking to explore off-road, this bike is sure to impress.

With its lightweight frame, precise shifting, powerful braking, and durable components, the Checkpoint SLR 9 AXS is a reliable companion for any adventure.

Order yours online today and pick it up at your local Trek store, or have it delivered to your home!