Tony’s Custom J.Laverack | Readers Rides

I live in Oxfordshire in the UK. I rode a number of organized events when I was in my teens but stopped cycling when I learnt to drive at 17. I returned to cycling in my early thirties thanks to the cycle to work scheme and ever since then I’ve been obsessed with it.

I ride nearly every day whether that’s commuting, singlespeed, mountain biking, gravel, road, Audax, ultra-distance events, bikepacking and most recently thanks to the Covid situation Zwift.

I started bikepacking in 2015 after reading an article by Alistair Humphrey’s which set a bivvy a month challenge. Some of the more recognized routes that I’ve ridden include Coast to Coast off road, Trans Cambrian Way and John O’Groats to Lands’ End.

In 2019 I took part in my first ultra-distance event – the Pan Celtic Race and I loved it. I was planning to ride it again this year but as is the case with most events it had to be postponed due to Covid, but I’ll be on the start line next year.

The best part for me about all of these cycling adventures are all of the great friends I’ve made and shared time with along the way. I can’t wait for the next adventure 🙂

My bike started life as a Cannondale Slate CX1 in March 2016 but as my riding progressed over the next couple of years and 20,000 miles I made a number of upgrades to the components but I also wanted to make a few changes to the frame.

I contacted J.Laverack to see if they would be interested in taking on my project, which I’m pleased to say they were. They developed the Ti frame to my specification which included more tyre clearance to give me the ability to run up to 2.1″ 650b tyres or 700c wheels.

I also wanted a threaded bottom bracket to replace the creaky press fit one on the Cannondale frame that seemed to need replacing every few months. Since receiving it I’ve covered over 22,000 faultless miles in all weather on all terrains on my J.Laverack. It really is one bike that does it all.

I’ve also got a singlespeed version of the bike that has a J.Laverack frame and a Lefty fork.

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