The Best Titanium Gravel Bikes

Titanium is an ideal material for bike frames, as it is lightweight and strong, yet resistant to fatigue and corrosion. Titanium bikes are highly sought after for their legendary ride quality and longevity. 

The best titanium gravel bikes of 2023 feature an unpainted, brushed finish or with mirrored highlights that give them a unique look.

The best titanium gravel bikes of 2023 are designed to handle the toughest terrain and provide a smooth, comfortable ride. They feature a lightweight frame that is strong enough to take on the roughest trails, yet light enough for long-distance rides. 

The frames are also designed with geometry that allows for more stability and control when cornering and descending.

best titanium gravel bikes

What to look for when buying a titanium gravel bike.

When buying a titanium gravel bike, it is important to consider the frame geometry, components, and overall weight. The frame geometry should be designed for stability and control when cornering and descending. Components should be of high quality and durable enough to handle the toughest terrain. 

Titanium gravel bikes offer a great price-value ratio and are becoming increasingly popular among cyclists. Quality of the frameset and components are important factors to consider when choosing a titanium gravel bike, as they will determine how well it performs and how long it will last.

Warranty, customer support, and other features should also be taken into account when selecting the best titanium gravel bike. Lastly, the overall weight should be light enough for long-distance rides but strong enough to take on the roughest trails.

best titanium gravel bikes

What are the best titanium gravel bikes?

Rondo Ruut Ti Gravel Bike

The Rondo Ruut Ti Gravel Bike is a titanium bike designed for tackling gravel roads with ease. Built on a lightweight titanium frame and fork, it features flat mount disc brakes and clearance for wide tires up to 50mm. 

It also comes with thru-axles front and rear, a carbon fiber seatpost, and Shimano’s Ultegra drivetrain. Whether you’re exploring the backroads or commuting, the Rondo Ruut Ti Gravel Bike has you covered—allowing you to experience an adventure like no other bike can.

Planet X Tempest

best titanium gravel bikes

The Planet X Tempest is the ultimate gravel bike for complete saddle comfort and flawless performance. It is constructed with a titanium frame and fork for superior durability, handling, and responsiveness. The Tempest comes equipped with a precision-shifting 10-speed drivetrain and wide range of gears to help you tackle any terrain. 

Plus, the included 700C wheel set is made from lightweight aluminum, providing an optimal balance between strength and speed. Get ready to explore—the Tempest is perfect for rides on roads, paths, and everything in between.

Litespeed Ultimate Gravel

best titanium gravel bikes

The Litespeed Ultimate Gravel is an incredible titanium gravel bike that pushes the boundaries of performance. From your local back roads to the most demanding off-road trails, this rigid gravel bike provides a smooth and responsive riding experience. 

With its butted 3AL/2.5V titanium tubing and designed specifically for mixed terrain handling capabilities, the Ultimate Gravel is perfect for any gravel adventure.

Naked Bicycles Gravel+ Titanium

The Naked Bicycles Gravel+ Titanium is a lightweight and durable bike engineered to handle the rigors of gravel exploration. This is a complete titanium gravel bike that features 3AL/2.5V titanium tubing and disc brakes than provide superior stopping power no matter the conditions. 

With its wide range of gearing, you’ll be ready for anything from steep climbs to fast descents on your next adventure.

Sonder Camino Ti

best titanium gravel bikes

The Sonder Camino Ti is a groundbreaking titanium gravel bike designed for maximum stability and comfort on rugged off-road adventures. Featuring a lightweight but strong titanium frame, the Sonder Camino Ti will handle any terrain you throw at it. 

Depending on the build you purchase, the frame is equipped with mechanical disc brakes for responsive maneuvering and precise stopping power—and the wide range of Shimano gears so you’ll never miss a beat. With its compliant ride quality, confident handling, and incredible durability, this titanium gravel bike will take your adventures to the next level.

Lynskey GR300

The Lynskey GR300 is the perfect bike for gravel exploration. Crafted out of titanium and designed with adventure in mind, this versatile bike is the perfect balance between speed and comfort. 

The disc brake SRAM Force 1x drivetrain gives you incredible control and performance on any terrain, while All-Road geometry provides a multi-discipline riding position that’s great for gravel rides but also works well off-road or on your daily commute. With customizable options for seating, gearing, and wheel size available, the Lynskey GR300 offers unparalleled versatility to tailor your ride to any terrain.

Bearclaw Thunderhawk

The Bearclaw Thunderhawk is a titanium gravel bike that blends style and performance. With an aerodynamic frame made of double-butted titanium, it provides a lightweight yet highly responsive ride that’s perfect for tackling any terrain. 

The tapered headtube adds additional stiffness and the thru-axles make climbing easier. The frame also features mudguard eyelets, flat mount disc brakes, and is Di2-ready so you can always stay connected. This all-round masterpiece is designed to provide you with both speed and agility on your rugged outdoor adventures.

Moots Vamoots Disc RSL

The Moots Vamoots Disc RSL is a titanium gravel bike designed for the modern all-road cyclist. With its lightweight, but strong and resilient titanium frame, you can expect this bike to be peppy on the hills yet stable and durable for both paved and gravel roads. 

This disc brake version is great for those who demand precision control in any situation. The tubeset features an oversized downtube for increased stiffness and responsiveness when climbing or accelerating uphill. Furthermore, you’ll benefit from clearance of up to 700x45mm tires as well as plenty of frame carry capacity. It’s time to explore with confidence!

Reilly Cycleworks Gradient

best titanium gravel bikes

The Reilly Cycleworks Gradient is a premium titanium gravel bike, designed for those looking for efficiency and durability. This lightweight and adjustable titanium frame is crafted from 3/2.5 tubing and equipped with top-of-the-line mountain bike components to make it ideal for gravel grinding and pure off-roading. 

Its oversized headtube and generous clearance for up to 45c tires give you the perfect combination of comfort, control, strength and speed when the going gets tough. With its responsive yet stable handling, long lasting frame, modern performance geometry and tire clearance, this rugged trail ready machine is perfect for any adventure seeker.

Alchemy Ronin Ti

Alchemy Ronin Ti is an ultimate gravel bike made of titanium, allowing you to explore your gravel roads, forests and wine country routes with comfort and style. This bike has a lightweight frame crafted from custom aerospace-grade Titanium tubeset, progressive titanium geometry and modern component specs, making it ideal for long days of all-road riding. 

With superior strength-to-weight ratios and the added absorbency of its high-polish finish, it’s sure to make your adventures smooth and comfortable.

Litespeed Cherohala

best titanium gravel bikes

The Litespeed Cherohala is an advanced titanium gravel bike that rewrites the rules of performance, versatility, and comfort. It is designed to stay the course regardless of what Mother Nature throws your way. 

Advancing the all-road capability with increased tire clearance and sandblasting resistance—this ride is prepared to provide miles of epic cycling adventures.

Curve Big Kev Titanium 29er Adventure Bike

best titanium gravel bikes

The Curve Big Kev Titanium 29er Adventure Bike is the perfect companion for tackling the rugged trails and challenging terrain. Crafted from titanium, it is a light and robust gravel bike that features high-performance components like Shimano 105 shifters and thru axels for added stability. 

Experience the ultimate in outdoor cycling with this versatile bike which offers superior speed, comfort and control on all terrains—letting you get further off the beaten track than ever before.

J.Laverack GRiT

best titanium gravel bikes

J.Laverack GRiT is the ultimate choice for a titanium gravel bike that can take you from road to trail and back again with ease. Featuring a custom butted 3AL-2V titanium frame, thru axle hubs and clearance for up to 45mm tires, this bike offers the highest level of performance in all conditions. 

The GRiT will handle whatever terrain is thrown its way, whether it’s winding roads or muddy paths. It provides reliable handling, superior control and comfort, and plenty of tire clearance for larger size tires. Along with more stability on descents and long rides, the GRiT has a longer wheelbase and lowered bottom bracket for confidence on corners too. 

Nordest Kutxo Ti

best titanium gravel bikes

Combine the best of exploration and speed with the Nordest Kutxo Ti, a lightweight titanium gravel bike that’s perfect for long days in the saddle. Its unique frame design offers stability and grip on mixed surfaces while its high-performance components ensure swift acceleration and agility. 

With classic low profile drop bars, mechanical disc brakes, and generous clearance for up to 40mm tires, this 7-speed drivetrain provides reliable stopping power for variable terrain. Whether you’re exploring remote trails or conquering rolling roads, the Nordest Kutxo Ti will have you blazing ahead in style.

Wilde Bikes Dream Engine Titanium

The Wilde Bikes Dream Engine Titanium Gravel Bike is designed to be the perfect gravel bike for all terrain conditions. Its lightweight titanium frame, Sram Force groupset, and 30mm tread depth tires make it extra durable on the toughest off-road surfaces. 

The Dream Engine also comes equipped with a wide range of components including Flat Mount disc brakes, 12×100 | 12×142 Thru Axle, tubeless ready wheels, and a refined geo that allows riders to explore their local trails in confidence. Whether you’re tackling gravel paths or navigating technical trails, this bike is sure to provide an unparalleled riding experience.

Genesis Croix De Fer Ti

The Genesis Croix De Fer Ti is an amazing titanium gravel bike that’s been designed for everything from multi-day adventures to day rides around town. It has been crafted with durable and lightweight titanium, making it the perfect machine for all kinds of terrain. 

Featuring a SRAM Apex 1×11 drivetrain and powerful TRP Spyre disc brakes for superb control, you’ll always have the confidence you need to take on long days cycling. On top of this, its tubeless tyres reduce rolling resistance and increase comfort, while the flared handlebars add extra stability. With its exceptional ride quality, great functionality and reliable parts, the Genesis Croix De Fer Ti is the ultimate companion for your next gravel adventure.

Sage Barlow Titanium Rival 1

best titanium gravel bikes

The Sage Barlow Titanium Rival 1 is a titanium gravel bike that has been designed for adventure, with the ability to tackle trails and terrain of any type. 

It features custom triple butted titanium tubing, an SRAM Rival 1X drivetrain for easy shifting, durable TRP Spyre C disc brakes for powerful all-weather stopping power, and WTB tubeless wheels and tires for superior grip. With an incredible balance between performance and design this bike is perfect for those looking to explore off-road.

Van Nicholas Rowtag

best titanium gravel bikes

The Van Nicholas Rowtag is the top-of-the-line titanium gravel bike, combining modern geometry with classic titanium craftsmanship, promising durability and a smooth ride quality on all terrain. 

This double butted titanium frame is handmade to order and offers state of the art performance with maximum manoeuvrability, stability and comfort. The Rowtag also boasts full internal cable routing for clean aesthetics, a wide range of build options and a lifetime warranty for piece of mind.

Ribble CGR Ti Gravel

best titanium gravel bikes

The Ribble CGR Ti Gravel is a titanium gravel bike that offers incredible flexibility, comfort and performance. Whether you’re bombing down fire-roads or traversing snow-capped mountains, this lightweight titanium frame has you covered, delivering a fatigue-free ride that begs for adventure. 

With its rigid carbon rims, powerful hydraulic disc brakes and confident all-terrain tyres, the Ribble CGR Ti Gravel ensures you can take whatever your journey throws at you in your stride.

Salsa Fargo Ti

best titanium gravel bikes

The Salsa Fargo Ti is a premium titanium gravel bike designed for any type of terrain. Constructed from high quality titanium and carefully engineered for the toughest trails, it’s durable, responsive, and designed for maximum comfort over long rides. 

An ideal bike for exploring back roads and remote paths with its drop handlebars, wide gear range and powerful disc brakes offering controlled navigation on rough surfaces. 

Kinesis Tripster ATR

The Kinesis Tripster ATR is the ultimate titanium gravel bike. Its agile and lightweight frame The Tripster ATR offers a comfortable and efficient ride when exploring roads less travelled—perfect for cyclists looking for a reliable multi-surface machine that combines speed, control and adaptability. 

Boasting a 3AL/2.5V frame tubeset, Maxle dropouts, integrated rack mounts and compatibility with 700x45c tyres—this bike is ready to handle any terrain you can throw at it. With its sleek deep-lipped top tube design, curved chainstays and custom 4ZA components—the Tripster ATR truly stands out from the crowd.