State 6061 Black Label All-Road Review

State 6061 Black Label All-Road Review

Are you looking for an all-purpose road bike that can handle different conditions? Look no further than the 6061 State Black Label All-Road, the perfect blend between performance and affordability.

The market for specialty bikes is huge with so many brands, models and styles to choose from. But with the State 6061 Black Label All-Road being a relative newcomer in the spectrum of road bikes, we provide an in depth review on what sets it apart from others in this field.

State 6061 Black Label All-Road Review

The 6061 State Black Label All-Road provides riders with the perfect balance of speed and comfort while maintaining a higher level of durability than other similarly priced bikes. We will explore the unique features that make this model popular among cyclists as well as some potential drawbacks.

Equipped with top shelf components and modern technology, this road bike will take your riding experience to a whole new level. In this article, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at the features and design of the State 6061 Black Label All-Road Bike and see if it deserves its lofty reputation.

Design & Features

The first thing that strikes you about this great all-road bike is its simple yet stunning silhouette. Its sleek black finish lends itself to a sporty look while its lightweight aluminum frame ensures a smooth ride. 

The State 6061 Black Label All-Road Bike features hand built State crankset paired with a 46t chainring and an 11-42t cassette, providing users with reliable performance on any terrain. 

Additionally, the wheels are constructed using double walled alloy rims for maximum strength along with stout stainless steel spokes that add stability to every ride. Its also available in both 700c or 650b versions, you can even order both wheelsets.

Meanwhile, Vittoria Terreno Zero tires feature an aggressive tread pattern specifically designed for optimal traction on loose terrain every time you hit the trails or backroads alike.


The key selling point of this amazing all-road bike is undoubtedly its outstanding performance capabilities, which excels even on steep inclines, branches filled paths and fast descents thanks to a respectable 1×11 drivetrain. 

States own hydraulic disc brakes deliver accurate stopping power coupled with impressive speed control and reliability going down hill sections too!


All in all, the State 6061 Black Label All-Road Bike offers a formidable package of quality components cleverly blended together to create an exceptional off-road machine that will handle whatever terrain you throw at it while being gentle on your wallet too! 

You won’t find another bike quite like it anywhere else so if you’re serious about tackling tough routes sublimely then look no further than this superb all-road bike from State – the 6061 Black Label All-Road Bike.