salsa warbird review

Salsa Warbird Review

The Salsa Warbird is one of the most popular gravel bikes on the market today. It’s lightweight, versatile, and capable of tackling any gravel terrain you can throw at it. Whether you’re looking for a fast bike for races or an all-rounder that can take you anywhere, the Salsa Warbird is worth considering. Here’s our review of this impressive machine.

The Salsa Warbird is an incredibly versatile gravel bike. It’s designed to ride comfortably over all kinds of terrain, but it’s especially capable on rougher surfaces like gravel, sand, and hardpacked dirt roads. Whether you’re looking for a mountain bike or a road bike, you can’t go wrong with the Warbird. 

salsa warbird review

Frame & Components: The frame of the Salsa Warbird is made from light and strong aluminum alloy, giving it an extremely efficient ride feel in all conditions. The components are also top-notch, ranging from Shimano GRX gravel specific drivetrain components to WTB wheels and tires that provide excellent traction even in rough conditions.

The Salsa Warbird was designed to help riders challenge themselves on backroads and unpaved trails. The steel frame is durable yet lightweight, meaning it can handle anything from paved roads to rugged trails without sacrificing speed or comfort. The geometry makes it highly maneuverable, which means that every corner you take with the Warbird will be a smooth one. Additionally, the wide range of gearing options lets you tailor your riding experience to any challenge – whether its steep climbs or fast descents.

Weight & Components

The weight of the frame alone is around 1000 grams (although weights may vary in size), making it one of the lighter all-road frames available on the market today. But this doesn’t sacrifice performance in any way – built with light yet durable components such as SRAM Force 1x groupset and Avid BB7 Road brakes, this bike is designed to keep up with more expansive builds while remaining easy in terms of maintenance and repair.

At just a shade over 20 lbs (9 kg) for a size medium frame, the Salsa Warbird is extremely light for its intended purpose. This makes it great for cyclists who need a bike that’s both fast and easy to maneuver on all terrain, yet still strong enough to handle it without too much hassle.

When you take your first ride on a Salsa Warbird, you’ll immediately feel at home no matter what kind of terrain you’re exploring. Its responsive handling helps keep you stable over roots and rocks alike, while its larger wheels maintain grip even at low speeds so you can continuously coast around corners without fear of slipping off course. 

Additionally, vibrations are reduced to a minimum thanks to the wider tires – your hands and feet will never tire out during their next adventure thanks to ergonomic bars that keep your posture upright when trekking through rough terrain. Overall, this bike strikes a great balance between comfort and control on all manner of different rides!

On pavement, the Salsa Warbird feels lively yet comfortable as you cruise along at speed. The frame absorbs vibrations well while the wide tires add some cushioning when hitting bumps and potholes in between sections of tarmac at slower speeds. On descents, it tracks confidently through corners with barely any input required from your hands on the bars!

If you’re looking for a bike that gives you plenty of versatility but won’t slow you down during races or rides around town then look no further than Salsa’s Warbird Gravel Bike. It has everything you need — responsive handling, lightweight frame construction, and exceptional components — making it perfect for everything from everyday errands to weekend warrior adventures alike!

All in all, the Salsa Warbird provides riders with an incredible riding experience no matter where they choose to venture off-road! With its lightweight frame structure combined with reliable components and excellent stability control on tough terrain conditions–the Salsa Warbird truly deserves its title as one of 2020’s best all-road bikes for exciting off-the-grid adventures!