Nukeproof Megawatt 297 Factory Review

Nukeproof Megawatt 297 Factory Review

Are you in the market for a new mountain bike? If so, you’ll want to read this review before making your purchase.

The Nukeproof Megawatt 297 Factory is a highly anticipated model that promises top-notch performance and durability.

But does it live up to the hype?

Nukeproof Megawatt 297 Factory Review

Mountain biking enthusiasts are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest bikes on the market.

With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one.

The Nukeproof Megawatt 297 Factory is a mountain bike that has generated a lot of buzz in the cycling community.

Its sleek design, advanced features, and impressive performance make it a top contender in the market.

In this review, we will take an in-depth look at the bike’s specifications, performance on the trails, and overall value for money.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, this review will provide you with all the information you need to decide if the Nukeproof Megawatt 297 Factory is the right bike for you.


– Aluminum alloy frame: The Megawatt 297 Factory features a lightweight alloy frame that provides optimal strength and durability while keeping the overall weight of the bike to a minimum.

– Advanced suspension system: Equipped with a top-of-the-line suspension system, including a Fox 38 Float fork and a Fox Float X2 Factory rear shock, this bike offers exceptional control and comfort even on the most challenging terrains.

– SRAM XO AXS T-Type Eagle drivetrain: The bike features a reliable and precise SRAM XO AXS T-Type Eagle 1×12-speed drivetrain, allowing you to effortlessly shift gears and maintain speed on both uphill and downhill sections.

– Motor and Battery : The bike is powered by a 250w Shimano STEPS motor and a 630Wh battery, giving you plenty of power to tackle longer rides.

– Hayes Dominion A4 hydraulic disc brakes: With Hayes Dominion A4 hydraulic disc brakes, the Megawatt 297 Factory offers powerful and reliable stopping power, giving you confidence and control in any situation.

– Maxxis Assegai tires: The bike comes equipped with Maxxis Assegai tires, known for their exceptional traction and durability, providing excellent grip and stability on a variety of surfaces.

– Race-proven geometry: The bike’s race-proven geometry ensures agile handling and responsive performance, allowing you to navigate tight corners and technical sections with ease.

– Factory edition: The Factory edition of the Megawatt 297 includes top-tier components and finishes, making it a premium choice for riders who demand the best in performance and quality.

– Suitable for advanced riders: Designed for advanced riders looking to push their limits and conquer challenging trails, the Megawatt 297 Factory is built to withstand aggressive riding and deliver an adrenaline-fueled experience.


One of the standout features of the Nukeproof Megawatt 297 Factory is its frame.

It is made from high-quality aluminum, which not only makes it lightweight but also incredibly durable.

This means that riders can tackle even the toughest terrains without worrying about damaging their bike.

The frame also features modern geometry, which provides excellent stability and control, making it perfect for both downhill and cross-country riding.


Another impressive aspect of the Nukeproof Megawatt 297 Factory is its suspension system.

It is equipped with a Fox Float X2 Factory Series rear shock and a Fox 38 Float fork.

This combination provides riders with a smooth and responsive ride, absorbing all the bumps and impacts along the way from the 170mm of travel.

Whether you’re going over rocks, roots, or jumps, this bike will handle it all with ease.

Motor and Battery

The Shimano STEPS motor system is perfect for the Megawatt, providing 85Nm of torque and 250W of power.

It’s an amazing motor with fantastic engagement, powerful delivery, and a smooth ride.

And with Shimano’s 630Wh removable battery, you’ll have plenty of juice for epic adventures on the trail.


The components on the Nukeproof Megawatt 297 Factory are top-notch.

It comes with a SRAM XO AXS T-Type Eagle 1×12-speed drivetrain, which offers a wide range of gears from the 10-52t cassette for tackling both steep climbs and fast descents.

The Hayes Dominion A4, 4-piston brakes provide excellent stopping power, giving riders the confidence to tackle any trail.

Wheels and Tires

The bike also features a set of DT Swiss H1700 SPLINE 30 Spline wheels, which are both lightweight and durable.

You get a 29-inch wheel up front and a 27.5-inch wheel out back wrapped with the Maxxis Assegai tires providing plenty of grip and stability.

The bigger front wheel is great for getting a good grip and rolling over stuff, while the smaller back wheel helps the bike turn quickly and stay fun on tight trails.


In terms of performance, the Nukeproof Megawatt 297 Factory does not disappoint.

It offers excellent traction and stability, allowing riders to maintain control even in the most challenging conditions.

The bike is also surprisingly nimble and responsive, making it easy to maneuver through tight corners and technical sections.


Overall, the Nukeproof Megawatt 297 Factory is an exceptional mountain bike that delivers on both performance and durability.

Whether you’re a seasoned rider looking for a new challenge or a beginner looking to take your skills to the next level, this bike is worth considering.

With its top-of-the-line components and impressive features, it’s no wonder why the Nukeproof Megawatt 297 Factory has become a favorite among mountain biking enthusiasts.

So, if you’re in the market for a new mountain bike, be sure to check out the Nukeproof Megawatt 297 Factory – you won’t be disappointed.