Kinect Active Suspension seatpost and stem

Kinekt Suspension Seatpost and Stem | Is it right for you?

If your last ride through the mountain trails left you feeling a bit shaken, stirred and fatigued, the Kinect Suspension seatpost and stem might be a game changer for you. 

Some of the best trails, paths, and routes out there come with their fair share of bumps, ruts, and vibrations. Unless your idea of fun aligns with something like riding in a go-kart over a washboard at 90 miles an hour, most cyclists can appreciate some level of comfort during their ride. 

kinekt suspension seatpost and stem

State of the Art Seatposts

What makes this active suspension system unique is that it is continually adjusting to the current terrain. Each seatpost comes equipped with springs that can be adjusted on the fly with the spring preload adjuster knob.

The seatpost is matched to the individual rider’s body weight and
riding style for a custom system designed to reduce fatigue and increase comfort. This would be perfect if your current system didn’t match your exact specifications which can be an issue for some cyclists.

There are three versions of these custom seatposts. The LR and the XR have spring specifications that match your weight category, these are made of aluminum. There is also a third carbon fiber option if you’re worried about adding extra weight to your bike.

The KINEKT Suspension Seatpost is alleged to improve your ride by reducing fatigue and enhancing comfort—sounds great for that long bumpy ride on your favorite mountain trail. 

For more info on the suspension seatpost click here.

Innovative Stem

The Suspension Stem is designed using a linkage system that mirrors the same innovative design concept as the seatpost. The stem has three springs and is easy to adjust depending on the terrain. Like the seatpost, the stem is also claimed to reduce discomfort in the arms and hands while riding by reducing vibrations.

If you ride on a lot of uneven terrain, this suspension stem can help absorb some of the vibrations felt in the handlebars while riding. This kind of thing would be great for a gravel bike or other bikes that don’t have a front suspension fork.

Staying Connected

This patented system is designed to keep you connected to your seat while isolating all the bumps, humps, and vibrations on the trail. Staying put also reduces the chance of discomfort that can be caused when the pointy parts of your bottom make contact with the seat.

Cirrus Cycles has come up with a great suspension system that can be used on almost any kind of bike including E bikes because they have shims to accommodate almost any seatpost size.

Enjoy the Ride

The KINEKT Suspension System is ideal for cyclists who have a long commute as well as those who crave the rough and tough trails, especially if your bike doesn’t have a suspension fork. There was even a review from someone who upgraded his fat bike making his ride as
smooth as a Cadillac on a road paved with butter.

Not every triumph has to be a painful one and not every ride has to end with fatigue. Upgrading to a system like this makes it much more likely you’ll enjoy the ride and reduce the wear and tear cycling can take on the body. It’s one thing to get out there in style, but now you can go for
comfort too.

For more info on the Kinekt suspension seatpost and stem click here.