colorado bikepacking trails

Colorado Bikepacking Trails - A Bikepackers Dreamland

Colorado bikepacking trails are some of the best trails on the planet. Almost every cyclist, mountain biker, and bikepacker alike will have Colorado on their list of top destinations. From the epic mountain passes to the secluded backcountry trials Colorado has something to offer everyone.

Colorado has just about every environment you can imagine; forests, mountains, plains, and everything in between. It’s an outdoor enthusiast’s dreamland.

If you are daring enough, you can spend your morning snowboarding in Breckenridge and later that afternoon be cycling through Denver.

colorado bikepacking trails

 Top 5 Colorado Bikepacking Trails:

  • Great Divide Mountain Bike Route
  • Kokopelli Trail
  • Boulder Loop
  • Alpine Loop
  • Colorado Trail
colorado bikepacking trails

-Great Divide Mountain Bike Route

This trail is not for the faint of heart. Even though the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route runs from Banff Canada all the way down to Mexico, the Colorado section is one that every bikepacker should have on their to do list.

Spanning the entire state of Colorado it runs through the spine of the rockies from Steamboat Springs down to Del Norte. Be sure to bring your camera because you will be passing through some of the most beautiful areas this country has to offer.

An average rider could probably do it in 7-10 days and depending on the previous winter snowfall I would recommend doing it from July-September.

colorado bikepackin trails

-Kokopelli Trail

If you are looking for something a little tamer look no further than the Kokopelli Trail. Running from Fruita, CO to Moab, UT, a distance of 140 miles, it takes you from the western slopes of the Rockies to the high desert of Utah.

Most of the trail is comprised of gravel and dirt roads that are best done with something that can accommodate a 2.25in wide tire or larger.

Since this trail takes you through some very secluded areas of the desert its best done in May or October, I would recommend avoiding the months of June-September.

colorado bikepacking trail

-Boulder Loop

The Boulder Loop is another trial that can be accomplished in weekend. It starts and ends in the small college town of Boulder just a short distance northwest of Denver.

Most of this 77 mile trail is unpaved and not terribly difficult. The town of Boulder sits at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains so there are plenty of other trails to explore and would make for an excellent vacation spot for any outdoor adventurer.

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-Alpine Loop

The Alpine Loop starts and ends in the small mining town of Silverton and makes for a great weekend adventure. The loop is 80 miles long but don’t let the short distance fool you as the trail is in the heart of the Rockies so the high elevation will have you covering ground at slightly slower pace most likely.

You don’t need a full-on mountain bike to conquer this trail either, a standard gravel bike will get the job done. Due to the heavy snowfall that the Colorado mountains get in the winter this trail should be done from early July through September. 

Halfway through the tail you can make a quick refueling stop in the small town of Lake City. From the pictures I’ve seen of this trial, it’s definitely on my list of trails to hit.

colorado bikepacking trail

-Colorado Trail

This list of Colorado bikepacking trails wouldn’t be complete without The Colorado Trail, the flagship trail for bikepacking in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. The 570-mile route is and epic getaway for anyone wanting to tackle some technical single track with a few mountain passes thrown in for good measure.

With two small towns along the route, you can be sure to find a couple refueling stops to grab a beer and whatever else your heart desires. Due to the rocky and rooty technical single track I would recommend this trail be done with a bike equipped with at least front suspension although it has been done with gravel bikes.

If you plan on conquering this trial be sure to check the weather reports as it, and many others in Colorado, are at high elevations.

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