Cannondale Moterra Neo Carbon LT 2 Electric Bike Review

Cannondale Moterra Neo Carbon LT 2 Electric Bike Review

Are you looking for the perfect electric mountain bike that offers a balance between power and performance? If so, then the Moterra Neo Carbon LT 2 electric bike has definitely caught your eye. 

But is it really worth it? With so many options out there for e-bikes, how do you decide which one is best for you?

Cannondale Moterra Neo Carbon LT 2 Electric Bike Review

The Cannondale Moterra Neo Carbon LT 2 is a high-performance electric mountain bike that has been designed to take on anything from flat roads to rugged trails. 

It features a full suspension frame with 170mm of travel in front and rear, and all-new Bosch Performance CX 250W motor make it ideal for tackling any terrain.

This review of the Cannondale Moterra Neo Carbon LT 2 Electric Bike takes an in-depth look at its components, battery life, riding range, cost, mobility, and more. With this article, we want to help you determine whether or not this bike is the right fit for your needs.

Cannondale Moterra Neo Carbon LT 2 electric bike is the manufacturer’s latest flagship enduro-style e-MTB with long travel and 29” wheel size. It is designed to offer strength, stability, and agility while coming in at a relatively reasonable weight of just over 50 lbs. 

With a high torque Bosch Performance motor and cushioned by top of the line RockShox suspension, this bike provides reliability and performance for even the toughest trail riders. Let’s dive into our Cannondale Moterra Neo Carbon LT 2 electric bike review!


The Moterra Neo Carbon LT 2 has an aggressive frame shape that offers a particularly low bottom bracket which lowers its center of gravity for better control on rough terrain. 

The frame features internal cable routing for improved aesthetics and doesn’t have any visible bolts or external issues that can detract from the overall look and feel. 

The bike also uses 12mm thru axle out back and 15mm up front along with an extra long front triangle. This allows Cannondale to achieve longer travel geometry that gives you greater stability when riding over challenging terrain.


This bike comes with some impressive components like the drivetrain featuring a Bosch Performance CX mid-drive motor system with 250 watts of power and 85Nm of torque boosting your pedaling to speeds up to 20 miles per hour (20kph). 

To help you up hills there are 5 levels of pedal assist mode plus you can access them all via handlebar mounted remote pads for easy shifting as you ride in different conditions.

Further down the list there’s a RockShox Zeb Select fork up front providing 170mm travel combined with a rear piggyback shock delivering 165mm supple cushioning over roots, rocks, jumps etc… 

More spec highlights include Magura MT5 hydraulic disc brakes providing strong stopping power yet better modulation then lesser aftermarket models plus tubeless ready WTB ST i30 TCS rims which remain true on fast descents.


On the trail we found that the Cannondale Moterra NEO Carbon LT2 provided excellent handling thanks to its stiff carbon construction and low center of gravity allowing it to nimbly navigate rocky sections or rock gardens without any trouble. 

The responsive Bosch drivetrain was plenty powerful enough for us when climbing steep ascents whether using full power in turbo mode or lightening things up slightly in eco mode so as not to waste energy unnecessarily while still powering through tough climbs too.

When descending we found out that the RockShox suspension system did an admirable job absorbing bumps yet remaining firm enough not to have you wallowing around on flat sections allowing you to carry more speed comfortably through corners etc… 

The Magura brakes were superb offering reliable braking when needed yet also having excellent modulation so as not adjust your input slightly during cornering for confidence inspiring results – no skidding required!


In conclusion, Cannondale Moterra Neo Carbon LT2 is an impressive mountain ebike ready for whatever elements get thrown at it enabling riders to go further faster but still enjoy every inch of their adventure – why not give it try?