Best Gravel Bikes Under $500

8 Best Gravel Bikes Under $500

Are you looking for the perfect gravel bike that’s fit for your off-road adventures and won’t break the bank? With the amount of gravel bikes available on the market, choosing one that is affordable can be an overwhelming task.

Gravel bikes offer an exciting and versatile ride. They are generally built tough to withstand rougher terrain than normal road bikes can handle, but also tend to come at a steeper price.

Best Gravel Bikes Under $500

Good news: you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars for a reliable gravel bike. You can find quality models that still have all the features you need without breaking the bank. 

In this article, we’ll discuss seven of the best gravel bikes under $500 – so no matter your budget constraints, you can still find a great option for your next outdoor cycling adventure!

We understand that finding the right mix of quality components and affordability can be difficult. That’s why we’ve gone ahead and created this list of the best gravel bikes under \$500 that are ideal for both beginner and experienced riders. 

Schwinn Vantage F3

The Schwinn Vantage F3 is a versatile and robust gravel bike designed to navigate trails, paved roads, cobblestones, and more with ease. 

It’s lightweight aluminum frame provides plenty of stiffness for a responsive and efficient ride quality, along with comfort-focused components — including an adjustable stem and ergonomic grips — that’ll keep you pedaling all day long. 

This bike is also great for bikepacking trips thanks to its multiple bottle mounts and rack mounts, so you can carry all your camping gear with you on your adventures. Whether you’re cruising around town or exploring new trails in the wild, the Schwinn Vantage F3 will be up to the task.

Introducing the Giordano Trieste, a gravel bike with geometry and features designed specifically for gravel grinding and bikepacking. 

Thanks to its ultra-durable CroMo steel frame and fork, Shimano drivetrain, it’s designed from top to bottom to handle whatever life throws at it. 

The ample tire clearance and attention to detail all over make it a great choice for any gravel-grinding or bikepacking adventures. Slightly more than the $500 dollar mark but worth taking a look at.

Introducing Hiland Road Bike Hybrid – an innovative road and gravel bike that takes you off-road and into uncharted territories! Ready for weekend excursions or long distance bikepacking, the hybrid bike’s lightweight performance frame makes it a dream to ride on any terrain. 

Featuring 700x40C tires with puncture protection, Shimano drivetrain, adjustable stem and saddle position – this is the perfect companion for those seeking adventure. Enjoy an enjoyable balance of speed and comfort—get ready to explore the great outdoors like never before!

Introducing the Hiland 700C Hybrid Gravel Bike: a versatile bikepacking machine designed for the ultimate adventure. This hybrid bike can tackle any terrain; from off-road dust to long asphalt highways, so you can explore further, farther and faster. 

With an all-alloy frame, 3×8 Shimano drivetrain and Tubeless Ready tires, it’s strong and comfortable to handle in any situation. Additionally the gravel geometry helps increase power while also allowing you to take on longer rides with ease. 

Perfect for amateur cyclists and experienced riders alike, the Hiland Hybrid Gravel Bike makes scavenging a new world of trails and roads possible.

The Raleigh Bikes Willard 1 is the perfect gravel bike to take you anywhere with its rigid aluminum frame and fork, plus a rugged road tire setup. 

It’s built for adventure with plenty of clearance for wide tires and extra gear, making it a great choice for bikepacking or long-distance rides. 

The versatile geometry creates an agile ride on all terrain types and Shimano’s 2×8 drivetrain provides smooth and efficient shifting across hills, valleys and plains. Whether you’re exploring dirt roads or hitting some singletrack, the Willard 1 has got your back.

The Schwinn Mesa 2 is an adventure-ready gravel bike that’s perfect for tackling all kinds of terrain. From rocky dirt roads to muddy paths, this nimble machine will make sure you have an exciting ride every time. 

With its lightweight aluminum frame, large tires for better traction, wide gear range for hill climbing, and reliable disc brakes for exceptional control in any situation—you’re sure to take your cycling adventures to the next level.

The Mongoose Elroy Adventure Gravel Bike is perfect for those with an adventurous spirit. Go further, ride longer, and explore with your Elroy bike by your side. The Elroy is more than just a gravel bike, it’s a true adventure machine specially designed for those that want the freedom to go anywhere and everywhere on two wheels. 

With features like wide handlebars for control in loose terrain, Shimano 2×8-speed drivetrain for smooth shifting across hills and flats, mechanical disc brakes offering all weather stopping power, 700×40 tires giving you plenty of grip through varied surfaces and aluminum frame providing lightweight strength throughout your journey; the Elroy offers ultimate versatility whether gravel grinding or bikepacking.

The Vilano Urban City Commuter Road Bike and Trail Bike is the perfect bike for your urban commute, bikepacking trips, and gravel grinding. This bike has all of the features you need to conquer any terrain. 

With a lightweight aluminum frame, 14 speeds, ergonomic adjustable stem, mechanical disc brakes for enhanced stopping power; this bike is designed to help you get where you’re going quickly, safely and in style.