bikepacking trail recipes

4 MONTyBOCA Bikepacking Trail Recipes for Your Next Trip

Chef Corso's 4 Bikepacking Trail Recipes

These 4 bikepacking trail recipes were sent over to us by Chef Corso at MONTyBOCA. Chef Corso has been cooking his whole life and when he started venturing out into the wilderness he noticed most camp foods were severely lacking. 

Most are either freeze-dried, heavily salted, or out of a bag. Being a chef he knew there could be better options.

bikepacking trail recipes

He’s chosen to take his chefs knife deep into the mountains rather than fine dining kitchens even though hes been classically trained in Italy and California. 

He’s passionate about eating well and helping others do the same while out on the trials, that’s why hes created dozens of easy-to-make recipes along with how-to videos that you can find on his website at

Pad Thai

A fast favorite no matter where you are this recipe tips the scales at just 2 oz per serving. Nut butter powder and sriracha coat the noodles beautifully but don’t forget the squeeze of fresh lime at the end! Try adding a few fresh veggies to this recipe for some nice color and crunch.  My favorite packable options are snap peas, red pepper and pre-cut broccoli.

Caramelized Banana Nilla Wafer Bowl

I love this recipe because you’re most likely already packing bananas and nuts, but they whip up into a tasty nostalgic dessert in no time.  

bikepacking trail recipes
Bikepacking trail recipes

Tropical Oatmeal

Tired on apple cinnamon or maple brown sugar? Me too. Try changing up the flavor profile of classic oatmeal with some dried tropical fruits and the secret ingredient: coconut milk powder. You’ll never go back to the packets.

BLTA Grain Bowl

Keep the stove in the pack with this NO BURNER recipe. Grain bowls are a fast, easy and satisfying way to prepare a different lunch or dinner than your normal deli sandwich or wrap.  Pre-cooked grain mixes are readily available at most grocery stores and pack up quick.  You can also choose quinoa for some added protein.  I like to use the grain mix as a base and go Mexican, Asian or Indian based on my mood.  

bikepacking trail recipes

I’m happy Chef Corso sent these over because my current bikepacking trial recipes are pretty boring so I’ll definitly be keeping these in mind next time I’m shopping for my next adventure. Especially that Pad Thai!

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