2023 Trek X-Caliber 9 Review

2023 Trek X-Caliber 9 Review

Are you in the market for a new mountain bike? There are many different models and features to choose from, but if you’re looking for an affordable and high-performing hardtail on a budget, then the 2023 Trek X-Caliber 9 is the perfect choice.

Trek’s X-Caliber series has long been known as one of the most reliable mountain bikes on the market. 

With its lightweight frame, innovative components, and trail-ready geometry, it’s no wonder that this model has quickly become a customer favorite.

In this review, we take an in-depth look at the 2023 Trek X-Caliber 9 and provide our honest opinion on its performance and design. 

The Trek X-Caliber 9 has been taking the mountain biking world by storm since its release. 

It’s a lightweight, fast and responsive bike that’s perfect for riding trails or cross-country.

2023 Trek X-Caliber 9 Review

Packed with features like an ultra-light aluminum frame, Shimano components and dropper post, this mountain bike provides the ultimate off-road experience. 

Here is a review of everything that makes the Trek X-Caliber 9 one of the best mountain bikes on the market.

The 2023 Trek X-Caliber 9, a mountain bike perfect for bikepacking and gravel grinding that offers an amazing riding experience. 

It features a lightweight Alpha Gold Aluminum frame and Boost141 hub spacing, Shimano 1×12 drivetrain with a wide range of gears with the 10-51t cassette, hydraulic disc brakes offering plenty of stopping power, and Maxxis Ardent Race 2.35″ tires for ultimate traction wherever you go.

Experience incredible adventure with this versatile bike that will make all your cycling dreams come true.


– Lightweight Alpha Gold Aluminum frame provides easy handling and a comfortable ride

– Shimano 1×12 drivetrain includes a 10-51t cassette paired to a 30t Shimano crank

– Shimano hydraulic disc brakes deliver powerful braking performance

– Maxxis Ardent Race 2.35” tires provide great traction for bikepacking and trail ripping rides

Rack mounts let you add panniers for long bikepacking trips


The Alpha Gold Aluminum frame of the Trek X-Caliber 9 is exceptionally light and the total weight of the bike is 28lbs, ensuring nimble handling and added agility on the trails. 

The frame is designed to be extremely strong and durable to handle any terrain you might ride over.


The double wall Bontrager Kovee wheels have a 23mm internal width to allow for tires of up to 2.40″ wide to provide extra grip and stability when cornering or descending from obstacles. 

They also use an extra-strong alloy rim to ensure reliable performance during extended rides on rugged terrains.


This mountain bike comes with Shimano components that make up its 1×12 drivetrain system, made of a 10-51t cassette and 30t chainring – providing smooth gear changes so you can pick appropriate gears for different terrain types quickly and easily.

Handlebars & Fork

The 750mm wide Bontrager handlebars allow riders to take control navigate their way around tricky sections of track, while also maintain good posture while covering longer distances on more level ground. 

Additionally, they are fitted with additional features such as an integrated grip sleeve which helps improve comfort during long days out. 

A RockShox Recon Gold RL suspension fork takes care of difficult terrain with 100mm of travel front travel which gives the rider improved comfort and control over rough sections of trail.


Stopping power is provided by Shimano hydraulic disc brakes which offer better modulation than mechanical systems so you can end quickly safely no matter what situation you find yourself in out on the trails or at speed down a hillside descent.

Dropper Post

A TranzX dropper post goes one step further when it comes to maneuverability by allowing riders to switch between heights via a quick button press or lever pull so that you can always be in control no matter what type of obstacle is ahead. 

This feature also reduces fatigue levels by allowing riders to lower their body closer towards the ground when navigating steep drops or technical sections where having maximum power transfer through your legs is essential!

Bottom Line

Overall, there’s plenty of features packed into the 2023 Trek X-Caliber 9 that make it one of the most desirable mountain bikes available right now – lightweight nature coupled with tremendous handling gives riders exceptional responsiveness when navigating tough tracks along with added durability from its frame and wheel construction means it should last many years before needing any significant service work done on it.

Order online and have it shipped to your local dealer for final assembly!!