trek checkpoint alr 5 review

2023 Trek Checkpoint ALR 5 Review

Are you looking for an affordable, yet powerful mountain bike? Enter the Trek Checkpoint ALR 5. 

This mid-range road and gravel bike is perfect for exploring paved roads, gravel paths and mild backcountry trails.

Trek is one of the biggest producers of bicycles in the world and they’ve managed to cater to cyclists of all levels by providing an impressive range of options. 

One such option is the Trek Checkpoint ALR 5 – a light weight, well equipped endurance road bike that can tackle any terrain with ease.

trek checkpoint alr 5 review

If you’re searching for a reliable and comfortable ride for your next adventure, then look no further than the Trek Checkpoint ALR 5. 

In this review, I’ll discuss what makes this bike so great, including its lightweight frame, impressive components, reasonable price point and agile maneuverability.

Trek’s Checkpoint ALR 5 has become a top pick among cyclists looking for adventure riding. 

The bike is designed to deliver a dynamic, efficient experience over a variety of terrain and surfaces, allowing riders to embark on longer adventures while pedaling further and faster. 

In this review, we’ll take an in-depth look at the features of the Trek Checkpoint ALR 5 and examine how it holds up for long rides in tough conditions.

Frame Construction & Design

The Checkpoint ALR 5 is constructed with 300 Series Alpha Aluminum from Trek’s exclusive technology, making it one of the lightest gravel bikes you can find on the market. 

Its frame design is based on Trek’s endurance road geometry for a more comfortable ride when using wider tires than what most road bikes are used to handling. 

The frame also features integrated mudguard and fender mounts, as well as larger headtube clearance spaces that allow you to use tires up to 45mm wide.


The Checkpoint ALR 5 comes stock with Shimano GRX components, including brakes and drivetrain components like shifters, derailleurs and crankset. 

It also includes Bontrager adjustable stem and handlebar that accommodate multiple hand positions while allowing you easily make custom adjustments that fit your body dimensions perfectly. 

Additionally, it offers internal cable routing for seamless shifting performance across all varieties of terrain conditions you may find yourself riding in on your adventures.

Wheels & Tires

This fantastic bike rolls on aluminum Bontrager Paradigm wheels paired with 40mm Bontrager GR1 Team Issue tubeless tires ready for any type of surface or terrain you might be taking it through. 

It also provides optimal traction with its plus-sized tire construction which helps increase grip levels when cornering or climbing technical trails – something many other gravel bikes don’t do as effectively as this one does. 

Plus, its tubeless design means you can take advantage of lower air pressures without fear of flats during long days spent exploring off roads trails or cruising the asphalt avenues back home after another amazing day out on your trusty steed!


Test rides support what we expected—the Checkpoint ALR 5 delivers an efficient ride with confidence inspiring handling over rough roads thanks to its sturdy carbon construction, plus size wheels and tires combo as well as responsive yet controlled Shimano GRX components package.

Riding this bike across paved surfaces offers smooth stability similar to a road bike but is forgiving enough over dirt paths or rocky terrains without feeling sluggish due to its wider footprint combined with just enough suspension provided by the bigger tires themselves – helping keep your momentum going with minimal effort no matter how rough things get out there!

Order online and have it shipped to your local dealer for final assembly!!