2023 Royce Union RMG Men's Gravel Bike Review

2023 Royce Union RMG Men’s Gravel Bike Review

Are you looking for a durable and reliable bike that can handle any ride on or off road? The 2023 Royce Union RMG Men’s Gravel Bike is the perfect choice for your cycling needs.

Gravel bikes are designed for both pavement and off-road riding, making them versatile for all kinds of terrain.

Royce Union is a well known brand in the cycling community and has been delivering quality bikes since its inception in 1966. They have recently released their flagship gravel bike, the 2023 Royce Union RMG Men’s Gravel Bike.

This bike is packed with features such as lightweight aluminum frame, Shimano componentry, and wide range gearing to ensure that you get the best performance possible.

2023 Royce Union RMG Men's Gravel Bike Review

In this review, we will take a deep dive into what makes this bike stand out and if it truly lives up to its promise of providing an optimal riding experience on any surface.

If you’re looking for a bike that can take you from mountain biking to gravel riding, then the Royce Union RMG Men’s Gravel Bike is exactly what you need.

This bike is an amazing piece of machinery and packs features like an aluminum frame, 16 speed Shimano drivetrain, and even mechanical disc brakes!

In this review, we’ll be taking a look at everything that makes this bicycle such an awesome option.

Explore the road and beyond with the 2023 Royce Union RMG Men’s Gravel Bike.

This all-terrain bike is designed to take on any surface, thanks to its rugged frame, heavy duty tires, and powerful drivetrain that’s built for both speed and stability.

The 16-speed Shimano Claris system shifts through changing terrain with ease, while responsive mechanical disc brakes provide assured stopping power even in inclement weather.

A smooth ATB saddle features ergonomics to keep you comfortable over longer rides, and eyelets accommodate racks and mudguards making this gravel bike ideal for cycling commuters or multi-day tours.


– Lightweight aluminum frame ensures durability and strength

– Shimano Claris 16-speed has reliable shifting performance

– ATB Saddle provides comfort during long rides

– Shimano mechanical disc brakes offer confident braking power

– 27.5″ wheels ensure a smoother ride with exceptional handling capability

– 27.5″x1.95″ tires deliver improved grip on variety of surfaces

– Eyelets accommodate fenders, racks and mudguards for versatile commuting capabilities


The frame of the Royce Union RMG Men’s Gravel Bike is made with a lightweight aluminum alloy which ensures durability and stiffness while also reducing overall weight. This means you can enjoy longer rides with greater efficiency and less strain on your muscles. 


The drivetrain on this bicycle features a 16 speed Shimano Claris group set for smooth gear shifting and reliable performance no matter where you’re riding. With this setup, you’ll easily be able to tackle whatever type of terrain lies ahead of you with ease.


When it comes to stopping power, the Royce Union RMG Men’s Gravel Bike has got your back covered with Shimano mechanical disc brakes. This provides superior stopping power even in wet conditions when compared to rim brakes or V-brakes; perfect if high speeds make those muddy descents a bit slippery!


The bike is equipped with 27.5″x1.95″ tires which provide good traction and grip on all kinds of surfaces. Plus they are wider than usual so you can really conquer every terrain without having to worry about punctures or skidding out around corners.

Final Thoughts

The Royce Union RMG Men’s Gravel Bike is an ideal choice for anyone who loves being able to explore different types of terrain without having to sacrifice performance or comfort. Thanks to its lightweight frame material, 16 speed drivetrain and mechanical disc brakes, this bike will do just that!

So if you need something reliable for all types of terrains – from gravel paths to mountain trails – then don’t miss out on the 2023 Royce Union RMG Men’s Gravel Bike!