2023 Royce Union RGF Men's Gravel Bike Review

2023 Royce Union RGF Men’s Gravel Bike Review

Are you looking for a bike you can use on the mountain trails, gravel-roads, and more? If so, then you may want to check out the 2023 Royce Union RGF Men’s Gravel Bike.

This highly-rated machine comes with plenty of features designed to provide comfort, performance and stability as you go off road.

The Royce Union RGF Men’s Gravel bike is a entry level model geared towards cyclists who enjoy riding on challenging terrain with variation between surfaces.

This versatile model is equipped with knobby tires, an alloy frame and a Shimano 2×9 drivetrain to help ensure an enjoyable ride no matter what type of terrain you are tackling.

2023 Royce Union RGF Men's Gravel Bike Review

In this review we will analyze the 2023 Royce Union RGF Men’s Gravel Bike in detail, evaluate its performance and design elements.

Whether you are new to cycling or a seasoned rider looking for a great value bike that won’t break the bank – keep reading for our detailed review of this impressive mountain-road hybrid.

The Royce Union RGF is a gravel bike with design elements inspired by touring and cyclocross bikes.

Launched in 2023, the RGF features the latest technology to provide the rider with an excellent blend of speed, simplicity, comfort and control on their next biking adventure.

Let’s take a closer look at this two-wheeled machine and get a better understanding of its key features.

The 2023 Royce Union RGF Men’s Gravel Bike is the perfect way to explore the outdoors.

Featuring a lightweight but strong aluminum frame, wide gearing range, and powerful brakes, this bike is ready for the road. With its 2×9 speed drivetrain, you can conquer any route with ease.

The WTB Nano tires ensure maximum traction for stability and grip on trails and gravel roads. Whether it’s your first gravel ride or you’re a seasoned adventurer, this bike is ready to tackle any challenge.


– Lightweight aluminum alloy frame and fork

– 2×9 speed Shimano drivetrain ensures shifts are quick and smooth

– Powerful Shimano disc brakes provide reliable braking power in wet conditions

– WTB Nano 700c tires and WTB alloy wheels provide grip on gravel surfaces

Frame Design

Starting with its foundation, the Royce Union RGF is built around a lightweight aluminum frame and fork. 

The decreased weight utilizing high quality aluminum cuts down on fatigue during long rides and provides more responsiveness when navigating demanding trails or switchbacks.


The Royce Union RGF gravel bike comes stock with a Shimano 2×9 speed groupset for optimum shifting performance given any landscape. 

With its 18 speeds, you’ll have plenty of options to quickly adjust your speed depending on how much you need to push it or how much downhill momentum you can use after pedaling uphill for extended amounts of time during long rides .

Wheelset & Tires

The 700c WTB wheelset coupled with 40c WTB Nano tires are best suited for navigating roads and gravel paths alike. 

The Nano tires’ depth offers plenty of grip which minimizes slip on slick surfaces while staying reliable enough not to break apart due to constant patchwork between different terrains like gravel roads, asphalt sections. 

Although heavier than other wheelsets, they’re still more than capable enough to keep up while going either uphill or downhill at high speeds without compromising safety nor traction needed in those situations.


Shimano disc brakes featuring 160mm rotors will make sure that you have confidence at all times in your ability to engagingly brake whenever necessary without fear nor worry plummeting below expected stopping distances.


All things considered, the 2023 Royce Union RGF men’s Gravel Bike is an impressive bike boasting superior control and comfort that won’t let you down whether you’re riding on roads or exploring unknown trails.