2022 Cannondale Topstone 4 Review

2022 Cannondale Topstone 4 Review

Are you in the market for a new gravel bike? Look no further than the 2022 Cannondale Topstone 4. But before you make your purchase, it’s important to know all the details.

Cannondale is a well-respected brand in the cycling industry, known for innovative designs and high-quality bikes.

The Topstone series is their answer to the growing popularity of gravel bikes, offering a versatile and durable option for riders of all levels.

2022 Cannondale Topstone 4 Review

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the 2022 Cannondale Topstone 4 and what sets it apart from other gravel bikes on the market.

From its endurance geometry to its impressive component specs, we’ll cover all the features and benefits of this bike to help you make an informed decision.

So, let’s dive in and see if the Topstone 4 is the right choice for your next adventure.

This bike is packed with features that make it perfect for both casual and serious riders.

The 2022 Cannondale Topstone 4 is a high-performance gravel bike that’s built to take on any terrain.

With its lightweight aluminum frame, carbon fork, and microSHIFT Advent X drivetrain, this bike is perfect for long-distance rides and off-road adventures.

Whether you’re cruising through the countryside or tackling rugged trails, the Topstone 4 offers a comfortable and stable ride that will keep you in control no matter what.


– Lightweight SmartForm C2 alloy frame for easy handling.

– Carbon fork for added stiffness and shock absorption with 3-pack mounts.

– microSHIFT Advent X drivetrain provides smooth and reliable shifting.

– GXD 1.0 rims and WTB Riddler Comp 700x37mm tires for improved traction and reduced risk of flats.

– Wide range of gears from its 1×10 drivetrain for tackling steep hills and rough terrain.

– Promax Render R mechanical disc brakes for maximum stopping power and control.

– Multiple mounting points for carrying gear and accessories.

– Comfortable and stable ride for long-distance adventures.

Design and Build

The 2022 Topstone 4 is built with an aluminum frame that’s lightweight and durable.

The bike features a carbon fork that helps reduce vibrations from rough terrain.

The design of the bike is sleek and modern, with internal cable routing that gives it a clean look.

The bike is available in various sizes, making it easy to find the perfect fit for any rider.


The Topstone 4 is equipped with microSHIFT Advent X components that make it a reliable and efficient ride.

The bike has a 1×10 drivetrain that provides a wide range of gears to tackle any terrain from the 11-48t cassette paired to a 40t chainring.

The Promax Render R mechanical disc disc brakes give you excellent stopping power, even in wet conditions.

The bike also features the highly rated WTB Riddler Comp 700x37mm tires that provide excellent grip on both gravel and pavement.

Comfort and Ride Quality

The Topstone 4 is designed to be comfortable on long rides.

The bike features a Cannondale Stage CX saddle that’s designed specifically for endurance riding.

The carbon fork helps reduce vibrations, making the ride smoother and more comfortable.

The bike’s geometry is also designed to be comfortable, with a taller head tube and shorter reach that puts you in a more upright riding position.


The Topstone 4 is a versatile bike that can handle a variety of terrains.

The bike’s Shimano components provide smooth and reliable shifting, and the hydraulic disc brakes give you excellent stopping power.

The WTB Riddler tires provide excellent grip on both gravel and pavement, making this bike perfect for both off-road adventures and long rides on the road.


Overall, the 2022 Cannondale Topstone 4 is an excellent bike that combines comfort, performance, and versatility.

The bike’s aluminum frame and carbon fork provide a lightweight and durable ride, while its microShift components and WTB Riddler tires make it a reliable and efficient ride.

Whether you’re a casual rider or a serious cyclist, the Topstone 4 is a bike that’s worth considering.